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Melissa Peterman is commonly known as Barbra Jean, the downright funny woman who kept her audience laughing since 2001 on Reba. In the years prior to the unforgettable comedy, Peterman built an extraordinary list of credentials. To this day, the remarkable actress continues to take the stage. To learn more about Peterman, click here. 

As Baby Daddy just wrapped up its third season, don't go too far. ABC Family has renewed the comedy for a fourth season. Stay tuned for the expected premiere date. In the mean time, seasons one through three are available on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon. 

We're here to provide you with the latest information on the amazing, talented comedian/actress, Melissa Peterman. To learn more about the website click here! 

DEC 10: Baby Daddy Christmas Special
DEC 28: "Muffin Top" Movie Premiere
JAN 07: People's Choice Awards
JAN 14: Baby Daddy Season Four Premiere
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Minneapolis, MN (Tickets)
CBS (Polls Closed)
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